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This NELFA news blog contains current information concerning rainbow families, important LGBTIQ* news in general and it summarises recent activities of NELFA Board members or member organisations. You find older entries in our newsletters.

POZNAŃ, 11 September 2018: NELFA is growing! From 2019, Fundacja Tęczowe Rodziny in Poland will be a full member of our Network! The Board just decided positively on the application. The new rainbow family organisation was recently registered in Poznań. It was founded by activists of NELFA’s supporting members TRiP and Tolerado: Joanna Śmiecińska, Anna Strzałkowska and Jowita Wycisk. All of them took part in our last Erasmus+ project. (photo: Joanna Śmiecińska)

BUCHAREST, 11 September 2018: NELFA is very sad to hear that the Romanian Parliament voted in favor of organising a referendum to redefine the term “family” in the Constitution as union between a man and a woman only. The referendum will take place on 7 October 2018. It follows an initiative launched by a so-called “Coalition for Family” in 2015, which gathered over three million signatures in support of the referendum. At present, the Constitution in Romania defines “family” as the free-willed marriage “between spouses”. Read a press release of the LGBTIQ* group Accept Romania here.

BRUSSELS, 07 September 2018: NELFA proudly presents its website relaunch! It is the result of long efforts after the first online presence of the Network was hacked. We just closed down our temporal offer and published the new, more professional site. At you find now a comprehensive collection of our work, recent information about rainbow families and their allies. Read NELFA’s full press release.

BRUSSELS, 06 September 2018: NELFA’s second Erasmus+ project “Chances and challenges for rainbow families” was successful. Today, the responsible agency aef-europe published the result of the internal evaluation: 83 of 100 points. Quote: “The project is very well managed. The internalisation strategy of the beneficiary is clearly effective, skills upgrading activities are very relevant. […] The project clearly has an impact on participants and organizations, and contributes to a unique European dimension to the rights of LGBTQI* people. There is a proven long-term effect.” (photo: Björn Sieverding, Lisbon job-shadowing in March 2018)

VITULANO, 04 September 2018: NELFA Vice-President Giuseppina La Delfa took part in a session of the Queer Lab Europe (31 August – 10 September 2018) in Italy, a Youth Exchange funded by the Erasmus+ program. She shared her personal story about overcoming difficulties which same-sex families experienced in the 80’s and later. Then, the 40 youngsters from eight European countries saw the movie “Right 2 Love“. (photo: Giuseppina La Delfa)

CHICAGO, August 2018: Filipe de Bruxelas (pseudonym) is the author of the children‘s book „First I Grew in Their Hearts“ which was published in 2012 by ILGA Portugal. Since recently it is available in English and Filipe (a former NELFA Board member) had some successful readings in Chicago. It is about a sweet girl and her two dads. Read more here. (photo: Luís Amorim)

LUXEMBOURG, 25 July 2018: NELFA welcomes the recent decision of the Chamber of Deputies. It has voted in favour of a law that simplifies civil-status changes for transgender and intersex people. A new procedure will allow sex and name changes without the need for a medical certificate, a surgical intervention or hormonal treatment. Read more here. On 12th of July, the Parliament in PORTUGAL had already adopted a law establishing the right to self-determination of trans persons aged 18+ in the legal recognition of their gender identity. And medically unnecessary treatments on intersex kids should be outlawed. Read more here. (photo: Shutterstock)

BUCHAREST, 18 July 2018: NELFA is delighted by the recent decision of the Romanian Constitutional Court. It has ruled in favor of Adrian Coman and his husband Clai Hamilton. Same-sex marriages which were concluded abroad (here: Belgium) must be recognised in the country! In early June the EU Court of Justice (CJEU) already paved the way for this decision – in line with the freedom of movement Directive of 2004!! Read the press release of Accept Romania. (photo: Accept)

COPENHAGEN, 12 July 2018: The Aeroe Rainbow Family Festival (Denmark) won’t take place this year because of a lack of participants. What a pity! But, Lorraine Hayles and her team want to put their energy to organise a similar fun event for rainbow families from all over Europe in 2019 (26th of July to 2nd of August). Stay tuned and sign up for the corresponding newsletter.

BRUSSELS, 11 July 2018: NELFA Board member Eleni Maravelia presented her own rainbow family case before the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament. She met up with various MEPs from different political parties to search for support – successfully. The Committee pushes the European Commission to react with a written statement and wants to work with the EP’s Intergroup on LGBTI Rights on a common event to raise awareness of the struggles rainbow families face in spite of the Directive of 2004 (freedom of movement within the EU). Read NELFA’s full press release.

VALENCIA, 07 July 2018: NELFA’s full member organisation Galesh turned ten years old and celebrated its anniversary with a nice and cosy rainbow family meeting (Cauce del Río Turia). NELFA congratulates wholeheartedly and thanks Galesh for the steady cooperation! You find more pictures here and some further background here. (photo: Galesh)

SOFIA, 29 June 2018: NELFA is very pleased with a historic judgement in Bulgaria. The Sofia City Administrative Court ruled in favor of a same-sex couple who fought for their right to reside as a married couple in Bulgaria. Cristina and Mariama, an Australian-French couple, got married on 1 June 2016 in France. Later that year, Cristina, an Australian citizen, was granted residency in Sofia, based on the 2004/38/EC Directive on freedom of movement in the EU. However, in 2017, the Ministry of Interior’s Migration Directorate denied her the right to reside  based on the argument that same-sex marriage is not allowed under the Bulgarian Constitution. Read the press release of NELFA’s member Deystvie. (photo: Deystvie)

BRUSSELS, 27 June 2018: NELFA took part in the yearly European Equality Gala of ILGA-Europe – a fundraising event with a lot of activists, politicians, stakeholders and staff members of the EU institutions. This time, ILGA raised 37,528.20 €! See more pictures here.

LJUBLJANA, 23 June 2018: NELFA Board member Daniel Martinovic and his team from Dugine obitelji (full member of NELFA) are still on promotion tour for their rainbow families children’s book. This time, Daniel visited Ljubjana Pride (Slovenia) to present the work and to talk about rainbow families in general.

GENEVA, 18 June 2018: NELFA is very pleased with the decision of the World Health Organization WHO to remove trans identities from the mental health disorders chapter (ICD-11). The ICD is the foundation for identifying health trends and statistics worldwide, and contains around 55,000 unique codes for injuries, diseases and causes of death. ICD-11 will be presented at the World Health Assembly in May 2019 for adoption by Member States, and will come into effect on 1 January 2022. Read a press release of NELFA’s member TGEU. (photo:

PARIS, 9 June 2018: The new NELFA Board gathered together for a face-to-face meeting to prepare the upcoming tasks. President Dominique Boren (apgl, France) invited the Board members to a one-day-discussion in the “Maison des Associations”. One main aim was to prepare the next ILGA conference in Brussels (24-28 October 2018) and to collect ideas for a campaign concerning the EU elections in May 2019.

BRUSSELS, 1 June 2018: Today, NELFA started its new Erasmus+ project “Joining forces for the well-being of rainbow families”. This includes 19 so-called mobilities (16 training courses with our partner organisation “In Dialogue” and 3 job-shadowings). The full grant is: 33,845 €. NELFA members can immediately apply for open courses. Just send an Email to: to get more information.


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