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On 20th of June 2019, NELFA will co-organise a research presentation (Tanja Vuckovic Juros, project Transnorm and Salvatore d’Amore, ULB) and a following panel discussion in Brussels (Salle Lollepot), together with its Begian member Homoparentalités and activists i.e. from Poland, Croatia and Bulgaria. The event is entitled “Rainbow Couples and Families in Europe. Laws, Norms and Attitudes”. More information here and the mandatory registration here. (graphic: NELFA)

Barcelona’s Pride for 2019 is going to have the theme “We are families everywhere” and NELFA’s member FLG is going to be the organiser. The dates are Friday 28th of June (including a roundtable with NELFA members) and Saturday 29th of June (Pride Parade). Families will have a full day programme on both days with music, games, story-telling and many more in the Pride Kids part of the Village. Just contact us to be involved:

NELFA General events

Rainbow Families Conferences

NELFA co-organises Rainbow Families Conferences and Seminars. Board members and active volunteers report on their work, on their experiences in their home organisations and discuss with other top class stakeholders about the current situation of LGBTIQ* parents and their children in Europe. Our last Conferences were 2017 in Naples (“Rainbow families in Europe – Same love, different status. Results achieved and challenges ahead”, in cooperation with Famiglie Arcobalenco) and 2018 in Lisbon (“Let’s speak out: LGBTI & Family Rights”, with ILGA Portugal, ENP and AMPLOS). The recent Conference in May 2019 took place in Zagreb (“Our kids are ok”, organised by Dugine obitelji). [Pictures 09-15: Flavio Alberto]

Annual General Meetings

NELFA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in spring. Board members, candidates and allies reflect on achievements and struggles within the last 12 months, summarise the work done so far and take a look into future tasks. Up to now, the AGM’s took place in London (2013), Maastricht (2014), Konstanz (2015), Barcelona (2016), Naples (2017), Lisbon (2018) and Helsinki (2019). The next AGM will be in Poznań, Poland (28-29 March 2020). [Picture 4: Paula Myöhänen]

European Rainbow Families Meetings

From time to time, NELFA member organisations host European Rainbow Families Meetings. These are – in general – big events with workshops, panel discussions and fun for the children and their parents as well. One year after the creation of the Network, apgl from France realised the first ever Rainbow Families Meeting in Paris (2010). FLG in Spain organised another one in Lloret del Mar in 2012, followed by LSVD in Germany with a Rainbow Families Meeting in Cologne (2014). The 4th European get-together took place in Oueiras, organised by ILGA Portugal in 2015. NELFA and LSVD organised a little European Families Meeting in Berlin, end of April 2018. We invite our member organisations to think of a next major event for Rainbow Families!

Rainbow Families Celebrations

NELFA and many of its members support and celebrate the International Family Equality Day – IFED – every first Sunday in May. Rainbow families in many cities and countries come together for a picnic, for a common action day, for a parade or any other (big) event. In 2018, a new IFED NGO was founded in Geneva to organise the whole event in the future. NELFA remains a major promoter, organises its own IFED events and encourages its members to do so. If you want to get involved – click here. NELFA also celebrates the International Day of Families (15th of May), which was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1993. In 2018, we realised for example a little picture collage, together with the European Parliament’s Intergroup on LGBTI Rights.


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