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Many LGBTIQ* parents and children are still deprived of their rights. Not only at a national level, but also when it comes to free movement rights within the European Union. EU citizens and their family members should be able to cross borders without losing their rights (Directive 2004/38/EC). Practice, however, has shown that many rainbow families have mayor problems to move. NELFA and its allies want to support you with your legal struggles!

In July 2019, NELFA has started its legal support group. This is mainly a mailing list of activists, legal experts and LGBTIQ* family lawyers. Whenever rainbow families face legal difficulties, especially in cross-border situations, we will be able to contact a roundtable of high-level insiders. Our common goal is to advice, but also to bring cases to courts. Just write us: By the way: NELFA works closely together with Euro FLI, a network of LGBTIQ* family lawyers. Read the press release here.

In spring 2019, our friends from ILGA-Europe just started a new blog concerning the important Coman case judgment at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg (June 2018). You will find very useful information about your freedom of movement and how to start a complaint whenever you face difficulties.

NELFA’s individual member Alina Tryfonidou (Professor at University of Reading/UK) analysed the Coman case judgment. Her report (January 2019) deals with the positive outcome for rainbow families, but also points out some important limitations. (photo: Alina Tryfonidou)

In September 2018, NELFA has started a documentation on freedom of movement cases of rainbow families. It is updated on a regular basis. If you have your own experiences and struggles, please share them with us and write an email to:!


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