NELFA presentation Brussels – 20 June 2019

NELFA co-organised an intensive research presentation on 20th of June in Brussels (Rainbowhouse, Salle Lollepot). Tanja Vuckovic Juros (UC Louvain) and Salvatore d’Amore (ULB) shared their current findings about rainbow families. Afterwards, the Malta Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society presented a video about LGBTIQ* parents and their children, and high-level stakeholders from different EU institutions and organisations discussed the findings. You can find more information about Tanja Vuckovic Juros’ TransNorm project here (including very nice comic strips and project reports). The findings of her study are already available in eight different languages! The whole study of Salvatore d’Amore (et al.) is not finalised yet, but the presentation is available here. NELFA’s presentation at the event is here. And some pics of the event below:





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