NELFA Urges Strong Turnout for European Elections: A Crucial Moment for LGBTIQ Rights

As the European elections approach, the Network of European LGBTIQ* Families Associations (NELFA) calls on all supporters to make their voices heard from June 6th to 9th. This election is a pivotal moment for the LGBTIQ community across Europe.

Over the past four years, significant strides have been made towards LGBTIQ equality within the EU. The Strategy for LGBTIQ Equality, alongside various directives and policies, has strengthened the protection and recognition of our rights. These accomplishments result from diligent work by the European Parliament and the European Commission, reflecting a strong commitment to fostering an inclusive Europe.

NELFA has been actively involved in shaping these crucial directives. We have participated in numerous meetings with decision-makers, sharing the real-life experiences and challenges faced by LGBTIQ families across Europe. Our voices must continue to be heard in the next EU Parliament to safeguard and advance the progress made.

In these elections, we face a critical juncture. There is a rising threat from parties and candidates who seek to roll back the rights and protections that have been painstakingly secured. This makes your vote more important than ever. We urge all supporters to vote for candidates who stand for human rights, non-discrimination, and the continued advancement of LGBTIQ equality.

We proudly highlight the ILGA-Europe #ComeOutEU campaign at, which identifies candidates committed to LGBTIQ rights. This initiative is essential for ensuring that our community is well-represented and supported by those elected to the European Parliament.

NELFA’s President, Daniel Martinovic, emphasizes, “The European Parliament has been a cornerstone for LGBTIQ rights. We must ensure it remains a strong advocate for our community.”

NELFA’s Vice President, Dominique Boren, adds, “The support of candidates who have pledged to uphold LGBTIQ rights through the #ComeOutEU campaign is crucial. We need their commitment to ensure freedom of movement and equal rights for LGBTIQ couples and their families.”

We encourage everyone to support the ongoing efforts for a more equal and inclusive Europe by voting in the upcoming elections. Every vote counts in protecting our community and continuing the fight for LGBTIQ rights.


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